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CatEye Volt 200/Rapid X Combo

item #CAT001I
Price: $84.99 Buy CatEye Volt 200/Rapid X Combo
CatEye Volt 200/Rapid X Combo
CatEye Volt 200/Rapid X Combo description:
Outfit your commuter in affordable visibility with CatEye's Volt 200/Rapid X Combo. The front Volt 200 boasts a bright 200 lumens to light the way ahead and make sure side-street traffic knows you're on the road, while the Rapid X Rear lights flashes a notice of your presence to anyone coming up from behind. The Volt 200 utilizes an LED X1 that features five modes to customize your lighting and balance battery life, with run times ranging from two hours up to 30 hours, depending on the mode. The Rapid X boasts similarly impressive run times, ranging from one hour in high mode up to 30 hours in flashing mode. Both lights feature a low battery indicator so you're always aware of battery status and can stay on top of charging at home and at work.

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