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CatEye Strada Smart Bike Computer Bundle

item #CAT000K
Price: $210.00 Buy CatEye Strada Smart Bike Computer Bundle
CatEye Strada Smart Bike Computer Bundle
CatEye Strada Smart Bike Computer Bundle description:
During training, the more data you can gather the better. The Cateye Strada Smart Bike computer bundle gives you access to all the data that you need, then automatically sends it to your smart phone, where it syncs to display and record all your training data, even if your phone is in sleep mode. The Cateye Strada Smart bike computer bundle includes the Strada Smart computer, a cadence sensor, and a heart rate monitor. It records distance, current speed, maximum speed, average speed, heart rate, and cadence. All of this data is captured by the computer while you ride, then sent wirelessly to your smart phone. If you don't have your smart phone, the data can be uploaded later to your laptop. With the CatEye app, you can share all your data on different training websites, view ride summaries, and even see call and email alerts in real time on the handlebar display.

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