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CatEye Volt 300 Headlight

item #CAT000E
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CatEye Volt 300 Headlight
CatEye Volt 300 Headlight description:
Headlight technology has evolved quickly from days of yore when you needed to carry two water-bottle sized batteries for a few hours of illumination. Now you can literally hold a complete light in the palm of your hand. The Cateye Volt 300 is the latest in portable lumens - quick to charge and quick to attach, so that you'll have it whenever your trails lead you into the night.The Volt 300, is smaller and lighter than lights with external batteries. The battery and light are housed in a self-contained body. It runs off of a cartridge-style Li-ion rechargeable battery in a quick-change compartment ideal for longer rides and commutes, and additional batteries and charging cradles are available separately. Cateye's Volt 300 is an LED X1 light that features five modes: High, Normal, Low, Hyper Constant, and Flashing. Depending on your setting, it will last 3 hours on high mode, 8 hours on normal mode, 18 hours on low mode, 11 hours on hyper constant, and a full 60 hours on flashing mode. It is mounted under your handlebars or on your helmet. The Volt 300 features a low battery indicator, lighting mode memory function, and a helmet mount. The Cateye Colt 300 comes with a USB charging cable and takes about 6 hours to reach a full charge. The entire unit weighs 120grams.

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