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MSR Deploy TR-3 Winter Poles

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MSR Deploy TR-3 Winter Poles
MSR Deploy TR-3 Winter Poles description:
Beat-up aluminum poles are totally cool, and even give you some street cred if you're more of an in-bounds skier, but you need a bit more than a simple pole-planting stick when you spend most of your time outside the resort boundaries. If an adjustable, collapsible, tricked-out backcountry pole is more up your alley, the MSR Deploy TR-3 is worth a gander. Unlike most poles, the TR-3 has a glove-friendly one-handed Trigger Release adjustment system, allowing you to easily adjust your poles to the terrain--anyone who's skinned up more than three switchbacks in their life knows that stopping on every one to adjust your poles just isn't worth it, but the TR-3 is so easy to use that you might start rethinking your system. It also has a freeze-resistant SureLock System that won't slip at the most critical time, or become impossible to adjust in icy conditions. Even the grip is thoughtful and well-designed, with a easy-adjust Breakaway Winter Strap that force-releases if the pole gets lodged, saving your shoulder and your gear from inopportune destruction. MSR also gave the grip a small hook, making it easy to adjust tech bindings and climbing bails, or to scrape heavy snow off your skis. Throw in a light and strong shaft made of aerospace-grade aluminum, and you've got a pole that's more useful than you are, and probably tougher too.

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