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Therm-a-Rest Arrowspace Shelter

item #CAS00B8
Price: $299.95 Buy Therm-a-Rest Arrowspace Shelter
Therm-a-Rest Arrowspace Shelter
Therm-a-Rest Arrowspace Shelter description:
The sun may still be low in the sky when you claim your place on the beach, but give it a couple hours and your crew will be looking for shade--set up the Therm-a-Rest Arrowspace shelter and get ready for a day of fun. With an adjustable height, this standalone shelter can easily fit over a picnic table or be adjusted with a wide, lower stand to accommodate more people when the sun gets too hot and the kids abandon their work on the sandcastle. When you trade your view of the ocean for a view of the mountains, the Arrowspace helps you create the ultimate base camp by connecting to the Tranquility 6 Tent for protection from sun and rain while you're camping. A convenient backpack stuff sack makes it easy to take the Arrowspace from family gatherings at the park to a relaxing day at the lake.

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