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MSR Revo Trail Snowshoe - Women's

item #CAS001Z
Price: $179.95 Buy MSR Revo Trail Snowshoe - Women's
MSR Revo Trail Snowshoe - Women's
MSR Revo Trail Snowshoe - Women's description:
Some may take the foot of snow in the hills as a sign it's time to hangup their hiking gear and settle into a long and boring hibernation on the couch. But before you queue the TV and pop that bowl of popcorn, remember that the MSR Women's Revo Trail Snowshoe is here to take your sense of adventure into the winter season.MSR designed the Revo Trail with simplicity in mind. Its intuitive design puts traction walls along the sides for serious traction on icy trails, slushy meadows, and packed powder. The Exotract deck puts a stiff plastic deck underfoot for serious control on a variety of surfaces. MSR added its DuoFit binding to the shoe, which makes it easy to secure the snowshoe around your boot and maintain a natural stride once you're walking into a pristine winter landscape.

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