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Packtowl RobeTowel

item #CAS001H
Price: $74.95
Sale Price: $29.98
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Packtowl RobeTowel
Packtowl RobeTowel description:
The Packtowl RobeTowel is lightweight and compact so you can take a bathrobe wherever you roam, whether you're hopping from hotel to hotel or camping at your favorite national park. Or even, if you have your priorities straight, when you're backpacking. Its polyester and nylon blended fabric has a super-soft feel and soaks up four times its weight in water to dry you after a shower or take a dip in a lake. An antimicrobial treatment ensures that this robe won't smell bad after weeks on the road. The RobeTowel also features a generous hood to cover your wet head, two deep pockets sized to multiple sundry items, and an included storage pouch keeps the robe small in your bag.

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