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Capo SC Donna Jersey - Short Sleeve - Women's

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Capo SC Donna Jersey - Short Sleeve - Women's
Capo SC Donna Jersey - Short Sleeve - Women's description:
As with many of Capo's designs, the women's SC Donna Jersey began life as a timeless, effective design, so it's little surprise that the 2016 model is virtually unchanged compared to its predecessor. It's still made with Capo's Carbon ES fabric, which is also found on some of its top-shelf race jerseys, and it's still rocking the same unmistakably Italian style. Capo constructed the majority of this jersey with its new Carbon ES fabric, which is a highly elastic, dual-knit microfiber polyester with visible antimicrobial carbon-core threads running throughout. Carbon threaded fabrics are known to enhance circulation, with the added benefit of keeping odor in check -- something that you and your riding partners will greatly appreciate. The Carbon ES material also accelerates moisture transfer and drying time, while keeping you effectively shielded from harmful UV rays. The SC Donna jersey's underarms use contrasting Eyelet Mesh microfiber panels that have a distinct waffle-like texture. This creates a fine-gauge surface that's raised off of your skin. This means that you have built-in air vents that keep you cool and expedite drying time. A full-length zipper with self-locking slider makes one-handed adjustments a simplified affair. While you're climbing, leave the slider in the upright position, and you'll be able to open the zipper with a free hand. At the top, flip the slider down to keep it locked in place. No more wasted energy fumbling for proper ventilation. The jersey is finished with three rear pockets to hold your tools and extra gear, luminescent cuffs to help make you more visible in evening traffic, and a silicone waist grip that keeps the fit of the jersey secure.

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