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CamelBak Scout 11L Backpack - Kids'

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CamelBak Scout 11L Backpack - Kids'
CamelBak Scout 11L Backpack - Kids' description:
It's hard to introduce your munchkin to the great outdoors when they're ill-prepared for oncoming weather, not properly hydrated, or throwing hunger-induced fits. The CamelBak Kids' Scout Hydration Backpack prepares them for the bumps, twists, and turns of your favorite hiking trails and wilderness areas with its roomy storage and 1. 5-liter hydration reservoir. The included reservoir is easy to use, with an on/off valve preventing liquids from spilling along the way. Just what they need for hitting the trail for hours, the Scout Hydration Backpack features a roomy main compartment for throwing an extra fleece sweater or waterproof shell, in case the weather takes a rapid change for the worse. There's a clear front window, allowing curious kids the opportunity to view their collection of pine cones and cool rocks found along the trail.

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