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CamelBak Ratchet 6L Backpack

item #CAM006C
Price: $84.95 Buy CamelBak Ratchet 6L Backpack
CamelBak Ratchet 6L Backpack
CamelBak Ratchet 6L Backpack description:
Striking an optimal balance between streamlined organization and impressive hydration, the CamelBak Ratchet Hydration Pack carries a whopping three liters of water in a lightweight, minimalist design. This low-profile pack moves blisteringly fast on longer trail rides where carrying extra water is essential to finishing without a nasty case of heat stroke or dehydration. Just because it's relatively streamlined doesn't mean it completely throws storage by the wayside. In fact, the Ratchet features a stretch overflow pocket for stashing a minimalist shell, as well as internal tool organization for making essential repairs. Side mesh pockets are a great addition as well, lending extra versatility for riding snacks and spare tubes.

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