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CamelBak Lobo 9L Backpack

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CamelBak Lobo 9L Backpack
CamelBak Lobo 9L Backpack description:
You don't necessarily need to carry a ton of gear to head out on a long ride when there's no threat of bad weather. With nutrition bars providing plenty of energy and tubeless tires providing whole seasons of no-flat riding, the only things you need to carry are a phone, multi-tool, and an energy bar. Coincidentally, that's exactly what the Camelbak Lobo Hydration Backpack has room to carry--well, that and enough of water for a three-hour ride. The Lobo's narrow profile helps prevent the pack from swinging around behind you as you cruise over rocks, roots, and other obstacles. Not only is this feature great for saving weight, but it's also less cumbersome, so you're able to maneuver through tight trails with ease. The Lobo also features an Air Director back panel that cushions and promotes airflow to keep you cool and comfy. The Lobo is also equipped with CamelBak's Crux reservoir, which delivers 20% more water per sip, ensuring you stay hydrated as you navigate rolling singletrack, slickrock, and loony downhill pursuits alike.

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