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CamelBak Mule LR 15L Backpack

item #CAM005T
Price: $149.95
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CamelBak Mule LR 15L Backpack
CamelBak Mule LR 15L Backpack description:
The Mule LR 15 Hydration Pack is optimized for trail riding with its low-profile design, breathable suspension, and handy organization. Part of CamelBak's Low Rider series, the Mule LR 15 achieves a streamlined fit by widening the shape of the 3-liter bladder to sit lower in the pack. This equates to an immediate decrease in the pack's sloshing and swaying, improving your riding balance around low-slung corners and twisting trail sections. The Airfoil suspension system elevates the pack off your back to alleviate perspiration build-up in warmer conditions. Ventilated foam is generously placed along the lower back and shoulder straps for increased support without leaving you soaked in sweat. The widened hip belt stabilizes the pack, complete with zippered pockets for quick access to energy gels. Further stabilizing the pack, four compression straps cinch down tightly along the frontside.

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