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CamelBak Hawg LR 20L Backpack

item #CAM005S
Price: $158.99 Buy CamelBak Hawg LR 20L Backpack
CamelBak Hawg LR 20L Backpack
CamelBak Hawg LR 20L Backpack description:
Tear up the trails while staying hydrated and prepared with the Camelbak Hawg LR 20 Hydration Pack. It has a low-profile design that sits close to your back and maintains a low center of gravity to ensure stability when you're ripping around berms and flying over bumpy terrain. The Airfoil back panel cushions bumps and promotes breathability to prevent your back from turning into a swamp, and the load-bearing waist belt keeps the pack from shifting around during your ride. Dual compression straps keep the reservoir tight against the small of your back so you don't feel it sloshing around when you're turning and burning. The new Crux reservoir allows you to drink more water per sip, has a valve switch that prevents spillage, and includes a Magnetic Tube Trap that keeps the valve within easy reach at all times.

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