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Caddis U/FT Float Tube

item #CAD000N
Price: $119.99
Sale Price: $83.99
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Caddis U/FT Float Tube
Caddis U/FT Float Tube description:
Free yourself from the restrictions of your wading height with the Caddis U/FT Float Tube. This U-shape tube is designed for stillwater fly fishing, so you can kick out to deeper water to have a go at the fish who have been taunting you just past where your cast can reach. Keep all of your essentials, such as fly boxes and beer, on hand with the two equipment pockets and convenient cup-holder. The all-mesh stripping apron gives you a place to strip your line, and Caddis printed a measurement line on it so you can check the size of that monster you just hauled in.

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