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Burton HCSC Shred Scout 26L Backpack

item #BUR01KM
Price: $99.95 Buy Burton HCSC Shred Scout 26L Backpack
Burton HCSC Shred Scout 26L Backpack
Burton HCSC Shred Scout 26L Backpack description:
The Burton HCSC Shred Scout Backpack is jam-packed with snow (and skate) friendly features for those chasing winter's white wave all-year long. As Burton's most feature-intensive backpack, it's designed to stay in stride with your demanding lifestyle. So, whether you're shredding summer glaciers, riding the local skatepark, or even traveling through airports and distant lands, the HCSC makes its case as an amenable and versatile pack. Its rucksack-style closure doubles as a removable lunch sack, and the front pocket features an internal organizer for storing writing utensils and school or work-related items. Additionally, you'll find a removable tablet pocket along the front, as well as an internal laptop sleeve. Perhaps the most impressive part about this pack is its ingenious, snowboard-friendly features. The following details cover an inclusive list of the pack's shred-related features--rapid fire. Ready, set, go: a removable hood attaches to the shoulder straps for added protection, while the vertical skate and snowboard-carry makes it easy to haul around your choice in shredstick. A shovel pocket assures easy-access to your snow scooper (though not suggested for use in your bro's kitty litter box), and the hydration reservoir features tube routing for staying super saturated, all day long. And, rounding out the seriously-stupendous-features are the beverage holsters and hideaway changing mat, which are awfully convenient when you're on-the-go. Whew! We're all finished. Now go use this pack, young grasshopper, for summer glacier boarding or whatever snow-adventure you'd like.

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