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Bern Bandito EPS MIPS Helmet - Kids'

item #BRN004C
Price: $69.99 Buy Bern Bandito EPS MIPS Helmet - Kids'
Bern Bandito EPS MIPS Helmet - Kids'
Bern Bandito EPS MIPS Helmet - Kids' description:
Your kid's rapidly progressing at the local skate park and bike track, learning new tricks and riding faster than ever. The Bern Kids' Bandito EPS MIPS Helmet provides the certified protection and low-profile style he desires to rapidly progress on his bike and board. It's upgraded over similar helmets with MIPS technology, which employs an elastomeric liner that dissipates rotational forces. Thinshell ABS construction keeps it impressively lightweight, so he's not feeling like a bobble head while riding. EPS impact foam absorbs harsh crashes, as backed by its certified impact protection. Large vents usher in cool air for optimal comfort while the hard visor blocks harsh sunlight from obscuring his vision.

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