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Bern Macon EPS Helmet

item #BRN003X
Price: $39.99
Sale Price: $25.19
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Bern Macon EPS Helmet
Bern Macon EPS Helmet description:
Designed for skateboarders and mountain bikers alike, the Bern Macon EPS Helmet provides the versatility to transition from dirt pump tracks one day to skate parks the very next. It's constructed with a thin ABS hardshell that's extremely tough and surprisingly lightweight, combined with impact-absorbing EPS foam for protection from jarring impacts. The Macon EPS forgoes fancy dial systems in favor of Bern's Team Fit, retaining security and comfort with its fitted sizing and adjustment pads. Multiple ventilation ports along the upper and front maximize air flow on warm summer days. For greater versatility, it's compatible with a separate winter liner that allows you to take it on the slopes without freezing.

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