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Bern Bandita EPS Helmet - Girls'

item #BRN003A
Price: $49.99 Buy Bern Bandita EPS Helmet - Girls'
Bern Bandita EPS Helmet - Girls'
Bern Bandita EPS Helmet - Girls' description:
The Bern Girls' Bandita Helmet embraces a streamlined, low-profile aesthetic usually reserved for adult versions, but in a smaller package tailored to pre-teens. Bright colors pop with vibrant style when she's riding on the road and local trail network. EPS Thin Shell construction creates a lightweight, yet burly helmet with impact certifications for extra peace of mind. The large brim blocks blinding sunshine from ruining her view on the road or trail. Numerous large vents move cool air inside for a pleasantly cool, dry feel. And to increase its seasonal versatility, Bern offers a separate winter liner for use on the slopes.

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