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Bern Bandito EPS Helmet - Kids'

item #BRN002Z
Price: $49.99 Buy Bern Bandito EPS Helmet - Kids'
Bern Bandito EPS Helmet - Kids'
Bern Bandito EPS Helmet - Kids' description:
The helmets of yesteryear were bulky, awkward-fitting, and just plain dorky. Not anymore. The Bern Kid's Bandito Helmet eliminates the dork factor by delivering a sleek, low-profile style normally reserved for adult helmets, but in a smaller package tailored to pre-teens. EPS Thin Shell construction creates a lightweight, yet burly helmet with impact certifications for extra peace of mind. The large brim blocks blinding sunshine on bright summer days. Numerous vents move cool air inside for a cool, pleasantly dry feel. And to increase its seasonal versatility, Bern offers a separate winter liner for comfortable use on the slopes.

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