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Bern FL-1 Pave Helmet

item #BRN002S
Price: $119.99 Buy Bern FL-1 Pave Helmet
Bern FL-1 Pave Helmet
Bern FL-1 Pave Helmet description:
You're more concerned about weight, style, and safety than aerodynamics. So, switch from that goofy-looking road bike helmet to the skate-inspired Bern Fl-1 Helmet. Designed for commuting to work or bar-hopping, the F1-1 has a silhouette that's more similar to a skate or snow helmet for an urban look, but it's still super lightweight and loaded with airflow-enhancing vents--which means you can take it on all-day summer rides in the valley. An In-Mold construction fuses a thin, yet ultra-tough layer of polycarbonate to impact-absorbing EPS foam for reliable protection that won't weight you down. The moisture-wicking liner keeps the sweat out of your eyes, and nineteen vents help you stay cool when you're slogging up hills in the heat. The F1-1 also sports a Boa 360 Fit system, so you can quickly and easily dial in the perfect fit every time you ride.

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