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Barebones Porter Large Roller

item #BRB000B
Price: $199.95 Buy Barebones Porter Large Roller
Barebones Porter Large Roller
Barebones Porter Large Roller description:
Whether you're tailgating for your favorite team or having a birthday bash in the woods, make sure you have plenty of brews for the crew with the Barebones Porter Large Roller. This beastly, yet sophisticated cooler offers room for 96 cans so you can supply the entire squad with frosty beverages all night. And since that's a lot of liquid to haul around, the Porter sports wheels and a telescoping handle so you can easily tote its contents to the center of the party. Multiple pockets offer storage space for condiments, utensils, and other party and picnic essentials, and a bottle opener on the zipper offers a convenient way to pop open long necks. When the party stops, the lining can be removed for easy cleaning.

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