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Barebones Trailblazer Flashlight

item #BRB0005
Price: $99.95
Sale Price: $79.96
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Barebones Trailblazer Flashlight
Barebones Trailblazer Flashlight description:
Lead the charge with the Barebones Trailblazer Flashlight whether you're going on a moonlit hike or gathering firewood to keep the campsite party going. Three lighting settings and up to 500 lumen output keeps you prepared for any outdoor task, and the swivel head allows you to adjust the beam angle for precise illumination. An IPX4 water-resistant rating means the Trailblazer doesn't mind the occasional rain storm. the included micro USB cable makes it easy to recharge from your computer at home or your solar panel in the wild, and it also sports power-out capability so you can add a little juice to your phone when it dies far from an outlet.

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