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Bogs Elliot Lion Boot - Infants'

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Bogs Elliot Lion Boot - Infants'
Bogs Elliot Lion Boot - Infants' description:
Start them young, they say. So when it's time to introduce your baby to the elements, as wet and cold as it may be, grab at pair of the adorably tough Bogs' Elliot Lion Boots for Infants. Bogs' neoprene Neo-Tech upper provides 100-percent waterproof protection and insulating power suited for freezing temperatures down to 14-degrees Fahrenheit.In between their toes is a cozy soft lining that is built with odor-fighting DuraFresh technology so they stay smelling as fresh as your little one right out of the bath. And when the rain puddles turn into mud puddles, all you have to do is throw the Elliots into the washing machine to bring them back to their normal shine.

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