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Black Diamond Turbo Ice Screws

item #BLD0156
Price: $45.95
Sale Price: $34.46
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Black Diamond Turbo Ice Screws
Black Diamond Turbo Ice Screws description:
Utilizing the same tried-and-true design as Black Diamond's original ice screws, Turbo Ice Screws have stuck around all these years because they place quickly, are simple by design, and are relatively lightweight. Their advanced tooth geometries enable the screw to start quickly and easily--although, they're not quite as fast as BD's Express Ice Screws and are minus the color-coded handles. With a design that emphasizes simplicity, the turbo's streamlined hanger functions as a handle while placing protection, and each screw comes in a low-profile design to keep your rack dialed when you're three pitches up a new-to-you route.

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