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Pieps DSP Pro Ice Beacon

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Price: $449.95 Buy Pieps DSP Pro Ice Beacon
Pieps DSP Pro Ice Beacon
Pieps DSP Pro Ice Beacon description:
Most triple antenna beacons are suitable for casual backcountry ski tours, but you'll want the best in the business if you're looking at serious mountaineering objectives like Denali, Teton, or multi-day, guided missions. When it comes to Pieps products, the DSP Pro Ice Beacon is undoubtedly the best option for all mountaineering pros who expect serious performance without compromise. Pieps tested this beacon to provide an exact signal ranging at a ridiculous 60-meter receiving range. That means guides and advanced mountaineers will have the best tools Pieps has to offer when the worst happens in high-altitude environments. Going beyond the performance of the actual beacon, Pieps integrated multiple functions into the Pro Ice for extra convenience on every adventure. There are extensive self-check modes to make sure your beacon is working properly at all times, and its group check is helpful for the start of any tour. The beacon automatically switches from search to send if the beacon remains motionless for a time, which is crucial if you're caught in an avalanche while searching for a buried victim. The automatic antenna-switch features means the beacon will switch antennas if the primary antenna experiences any faults due to external electronics or metal disturbances. Designed to keep things simple and efficient, the Pro Ice has a distance readout, a directional arrow, multiple-burial indicators, and a battery-life display, which provide all the necessary information without cluttering the screen. The Pro Ice is also compatible with the Pieps iProbe to reduce search time even further, particularly in a multiple-burial scenario. Available software updates keep your beacon up-to-date, and it will work with older beacons regardless of the software installed. With an exception to the DSP Pro, the DSP Pro Ice is the only beacon that has multiple frequency measurements so you can scan for more than just beacons; for example, you can scan for the dog-friend...

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