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Blackburn Barrier Pannier

item #BLB003E
Price: $74.99 Buy Blackburn Barrier Pannier
Blackburn Barrier Pannier
Blackburn Barrier Pannier description:
Week-long tour up the 101' Bringing a load of groceries home' Soggy commute to work with that important presentation in tow' No matter the hauling job, trust the Blackburn Barrier Pannier to be up for the task. Waterproof welded seams and a burly TPU-coated nylon protect your precious cargo, and Blackburn's simple Interlock quick-release mounting system makes it a snap to fit the pannier to your existing rack and get on your way. If you're carrying other Blackburn panniers, Interlock also allows you to lock them all with just one key, ensuring your stuff stays safe and secure without requiring you to carry a separate ring of individual keys.

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