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Blackburn Local Deluxe Assembled Rack

item #BLB002X
Price: $44.49 Buy Blackburn Local Deluxe Assembled Rack
Blackburn Local Deluxe Assembled Rack
Blackburn Local Deluxe Assembled Rack description:
The Blackburn Local Deluxe Assembled Rack combines the versatility of the non-assembled version with the convenience of shipping, well, assembled. The only thing you need to add is your bike. It's a no-questions-asked solution to the cyclist who isn't into fiddling with disparate bits and spending 20 minutes combing the rug for that one integral nut that's guaranteed to roll off of the table and disappear irretrievably into the carpeted void. Instead, all you have to do is attach the rack to your frame using the included mounting hardware and then get to toting supplies on your two-wheeled cargo ship. The rack's user friendliness extends well beyond its pre-assembled status. Before it's on your bike, it adjusts to fit various wheel size standards and accommodates disc and rim brake calipers. It also mounts to the front or rear, depending on where your cargo-hauling needs are the greatest, and it holds up to 45lb.

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