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Blackburn Mag 9 Trainer

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Price: $219.99
Sale Price: $164.99
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Blackburn Mag 9 Trainer
Blackburn Mag 9 Trainer description:
Few cycling artifacts are as universally reviled as the indoor trainer. Boring, static, boring, loud, boring--these are just a few of the adjectives that spring to mind to describe our experiences watching late '80s Tour replays on max volume in the garage while tapping out a single, droning tempo for an hour that feels like three or four. Blackburn's Mag 9 Trainer takes a big step toward alleviating that boredom. Nine big steps, actually. The Mag 9 is a magnetic trainer that includes a handlebar mounted switch so you can toggle through nine resistance settings from the saddle. It may not be the equivalent of chasing Fignon up the Alpes, but you can at least approximate resistance appropriate to the terrain you're seeing onscreen. The adjustable resistance allows you to set up interval workouts, virtual hill repeats, and whatever other self-punishments your off-season training plan has in store--all at a fraction of the cost of a smart trainer with a full suite of screens, accessories, and peripherals.

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