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Blackburn Barrier Universal Pannier

item #BLB001T
Price: $99.99
Sale Price: $59.99
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Blackburn Barrier Universal Pannier
Blackburn Barrier Universal Pannier description:
Rainy days are a part of bikepacking and commuting alike. For the times you can't escape heading out under angry skies, Blackburn's Barrier Universal Pannier will at least provide you with a user-friendly way to stow your essentials and make sure you have a warm, dry set of clothes when you reach your destination. Blackburn designed the roll-top pannier to be compatible with front and rear racks with a vertical compression and tie-down strap to secure your gear. Clear paneling along the sides of the bag helps you more easily locate gear, and it also allows light to shine through, creating a clever spot to store a ride light to enhance your visibility on dim, rainy days. If you're using one of Blackburn's Interlock racks, you can quickly secure the Barrier using a key and the buckle, but it works with racks made by other manufacturers as well.

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