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Blackburn Barrier HB Handlebar Bag

item #BLB001S
Price: $109.99
Sale Price: $60.49
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Blackburn Barrier HB Handlebar Bag
Blackburn Barrier HB Handlebar Bag description:
If we had to guess, we'd say that the designers over at Blackburn got together and made a list of every feature they wish they'd had on a bike pack before, then made sure to add them all to the Barrier HB Handlebar Bag. If you plan on heading out for all-day rides or bikepacking tours, the Barrier will act as a loyal concierge on the front of your bars, holding onto your phone or GPS inside a clear pocket so that you can access the screen as you ride. The bag includes a magnetic attachment for riders using its Barrier Map case, so if you prefer the nostalgia and reliability of paper maps, you can attach the map case directly to the top of the bag and glance at it quickly without having to dig it out of a pocket. The quick-release mounting system makes detaching and re-attaching the bag to different frames simple, and the Barrier includes a packable shoulder strap for the times you rack your bike and want to bring your valuables along with you on foot.

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