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Blackburn Tech Mag 5 Trainer

item #BLB001D
Price: $129.99
Sale Price: $97.49
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Blackburn Tech Mag 5 Trainer
Blackburn Tech Mag 5 Trainer description:
Whether you're familiar with the benefits of building base miles over the winter or have yet to experience the advantages in springtime form for yourself, Blackburn's Tech Mag 5 Trainer will allow you to keep your fitness up indoors over the winter without blowing your upgrade budget. With a solid, unfussy design and five resistance settings to choose from, the Tech Mag 5 is a capable addition to your winter training that won't test your limits of patience during setup. In terms of assembly, the foldable Tech Mag 5 doesn't require much. To set up your bike, the trainer comes with a quick-release skewer and uses an easy-to-operate Fastcrank mounting system. The trainer's base is adjustable to ensure stability for different bike sizes. Not just for roadies, the Tech Mag 5 can accommodate a broad range of standard road and mountain wheel sizes from 26 x 1in to 29 x 2. 3in. For quick resistance changes from the saddle during interval sets, Blackburn includes a handlebar remote.

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