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Blackburn Fluid Advanced Level Trainer

item #BLB001C
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Blackburn Fluid Advanced Level Trainer
Blackburn Fluid Advanced Level Trainer description:
When you're sitting on the couch in your favorite fleece pajama pants trying to talk yourself into kitting up and knocking out those indoor intervals your coach prescribed, having an easy-to-set-up trainer can make all the difference in the world. The Blackburn Fluid Advanced Level Trainer steps in as one of the most easily adjustable trainers out there. With no setup required, it's ready to rock right out of the box with a relatively quiet fluid resistance curve to power all those mid-winter workouts. Blackburn's Advanced Level frame design is a revolutionary piece of engineering. The frame hinges at the front with arms reaching up to clamp against the skewers to securely hold your bike. By incorporating these hinges and eliminating the traditional rear bars, this design allows the arms to rotate for quick and easy installation of a wide variety of wheel sizes without any resistance unit adjustments. The resistance unit stays in place while rider weight provides tension against the roller. Rather than a lever throw to tighten the trainer against the rear skewer, Blackburn uses its FastCrank system. Both sides use threaded rods that run through the trainer frame, allowing you to center the rear wheel easily. However, the right side uses a short crankarm to facilitate a quick setup when you place the bike on the trainer. Once your left side is set, the bike can be held in place and the FastCrank snugs the skewer in place. Its advantage is that it lets you tighten the rear wheel into the trainer with a better feel for the compression against the hub without overtightening it. As an added bonus, the resistance unit features a strong seal to eliminate oil leaks and keep your living room floor clean through even the most intense intervals. You're on your own to wipe up all the sweat though. The Fluid Advanced Level Trainer is compatible with 26in, 650c, 700c, and 29in wheels to accommodate a wide range of bicycles and let you choose the bike that best fits your w...

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