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Blackburn Local Saddle Bags

item #BLB000O
Price: $64.99
Sale Price: $48.74
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Blackburn Local Saddle Bags
Blackburn Local Saddle Bags description:
The market is full of packs and saddlebags with dividers and pockets that help you stay organized but cut down on the amount of stuff you can carry. For its local Saddle Bags, Blackburn decided to go for sheer volume, which is great when you're headed to the grocery store. The Local Saddle Bags' wide-open spaces mean more carry capacity--1585. 62 cubic inches, to be exact. They're perfect for running errands. The bright orange color scheme makes you more visible on the road, as well. They are compatible with most standard bike racks, but work best with Blackburn's Interlock rack system, which locks with a key. Off the bike, the bags can be carried by the handles or by a convenient shoulder strap.

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