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Blackburn Outpost Fat Bike Rack

item #BLB000H
Price: $119.99 Buy Blackburn Outpost Fat Bike Rack
Blackburn Outpost Fat Bike Rack
Blackburn Outpost Fat Bike Rack description:
When fat bikes became all the rage, a lot more changed than just tire sizes. Accessories changed as well, and if you've been looking for a rack for your fat bike, it's probably been a pretty frustrating search. Blackburn changes that with the Outpost Fat Bike Rack. The Outpost has both height and width adjustments, so it isn't only for fat bikes, either. The Outpost Fat Bike Rack can be used on bikes with tires as small as small as 26x1 inch, so it can be used for your townie, as well. The durable aluminum frame mounts to the fork or the rear triangle, and it's rated to 70 pounds, which means you can carry anything you need.

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