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Birzman Specialist Wrench Set

item #BIR000G
Price: $169.95
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Birzman Specialist Wrench Set
Birzman Specialist Wrench Set description:
Since it's the main interface between your pedaling power and the bike, making adjustments to your drivetrain can be intimidating, but having good tools can transform tentative fiddling to confident wrenching. Birzman's Specialist Wrench Set is a compact, high-quality package that makes cassette and crankset maintenance smooth and easy, with all the tools you need to pull parts and put them back on. Included are a 15mm pedal wrench, lockring tool, external bottom bracket tool, 10-speed chain whip, and extension handle for increased leverage. Each piece is made from high-quality chromoly steel and finished with a TPR handle, so you can crank hard without hurting your hands or breaking your tools.

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