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Birzman Velocity Apogee Pump

item #BIR0006
Price: $39.95
Sale Price: $33.96
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Birzman Velocity Apogee Pump
Birzman Velocity Apogee Pump description:
The Birzman Velocity Apogee Mini Pump may be a little guy, but it can lay down 160 PSI, so it's never met a road tire it can't handle. While it's meant to be frame-mounted or stashed in a pack, it features the same CNC-machined aluminum construction as Birzman's full-sized floor pumps, with a polished finish and grippy details on the bottom and the handle. The extendable QR Hose slides into the barrel and extends quickly with a single pump, and the twisting Snap-It Apogee makes the Velocity quickly and easily compatible with both Schrader and Presta valves. The Velocity also features Birzman's Air Lock design, which means it can work as a shock pump, too, so you can adjust your fork while you're on the trail. An included bracket makes for easy frame mounting.

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