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BioLite PizzaDome Stone & Lid

item #BIO000L
Price: $69.95 Buy BioLite PizzaDome Stone & Lid
BioLite PizzaDome Stone & Lid
BioLite PizzaDome Stone & Lid description:
As if your BaseCamp Stove charging your electronics while simultaneously cooking food at camp wasn't enough, BioLite went ahead and made the PizzaDome Stone & Lid so you could have wood-fired slices of doughy deliciousness down your gullet before you zip into a sleeping bag. A true wood-fired stove, the PizzaDome features a ceramic stone that keeps your crust evenly cooked and crisp, while the integrated thermometer helps you perfect your pizza-cooking abilities. Although it's only compatible with BioLite's BaseCamp Stove, the PizzaDome is entirely modular so you can use the PizzaDome separately as a traditional lid for concentrated heat and faster cook times.

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