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BioLite Portable Grill

item #BIO000B
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BioLite Portable Grill
BioLite Portable Grill description:
Knock your brother-in-law's socks off with fresh caught, grilled trout stuffed with lemon slices, tarragon, and butter, served steaming hot with gently charred asparagus and an ice-cold pale ale. Of course he's bound to be all up in your business, asking you about your secret weapon, but simply out of principle you'll never tell him it's the Biolite Portable Grill. An accessory to the Biolite CampStove, this lightweight, portable grill has easy-to-fold features and comes with a durable plastic travel cover. The fuel intake lid is easy to flip open and re-stoke with more biomass without disrupting the grilling process--so you get that wood-fire flavored goodness and Chef of the Year award.

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