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BioLite CookStove

item #BIO0009
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BioLite CookStove
BioLite CookStove description:
BioLite's CookStove system is a compact, clean-burning wood cooker that runs on whatever fuels you can gather around camp, not smelly gas and canister fuels. The CookStove uses BioLite's battery powered airflow unit to direct oxygen directly into the fuel chamber so fuels burn efficiently and cleanly and without emitting a whole lot of smoke. This technology also allows you to set the stove between four different fan speeds, so you can boil, simmer, or enjoy a nice rolling campfire burn. The fan system will run for up to 30 hours on a single charge and can be monitored through an LED battery level indicator. The CookStove is compact enough to carry into those more remote campsites and will burn small sticks, pine cones, and pellets. The battery powered airflow unit can be charged either at home or with a solar panel (sold separately), and unlike other BioLite stoves, the CookStove does not recharge devices.

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