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Brooks England B67 S Aged Saddle - Women's

item #BHS0034
Price: $150.00 Buy Brooks England B67 S Aged Saddle - Women's
Brooks England B67 S Aged Saddle - Women's
Brooks England B67 S Aged Saddle - Women's description:
The Brooks B67S Aged Saddle offers out-of-the-box comfort for your city riding needs. Due to its leather construction, it still has the long-wearing durability you'd expect from Brooks. And thanks to its steel springs, it offers considerably more comfort than other saddles designed for upright riding postures, especially on uneven road surfaces.Brooks forms the B67S saddle out of leather, just as it has for nearly 150 years. The "Aged" designation means that it's built from pre-softened leather, helping you to avoid the notorious break-in period that leather saddles require. It's attached to the base at the fore and aft of the saddle with brass rivets. The rails reach back to dual steel springs, which act as suspension when riding rigid bikes on imperfect city roads. This being the women's version, it has a slightly shorter nose, which better accommodates female anatomy. The 205mm tail width offers a great deal of support for bikes with an upright riding position. The Brooks B67S Aged Saddle is available in one size, and in the color Dark Tan.

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