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Brooks England Cambium C13 Carved Saddle

item #BHS001F
Price: $220.00
Sale Price: $153.38
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Brooks England Cambium C13 Carved Saddle
Brooks England Cambium C13 Carved Saddle description:
Taking its uniquely flexible shell and channel cut-out directly from the Cambium C17 Carved Saddle, the Brooks England Cambium C13 Carved Saddle provides an optimal balance of shock absorption and pressure relief that takes the sting off jarring asphalt, bumpy cobbles, and off-road surfaces. This saddle features a vulcanized rubber shell carved in a distinctive hammock shape for a damping effect when you're pedaling across punishing roads and trail surfaces. It's catered to adventure cyclists, endurance racers, and off-road explorers seeking the legendary comfort and refined aesthetic you've come to love from Brooks England Saddles, but without compromising longevity in gritty to downright nasty conditions. In fact, the organic cotton canvas shell is finished with a waterproof treatment to repel flinging dirt and raging downpours from ruining its beautiful aesthetic and functional comfort. Unlike the aluminum-railed C17 version it's based on, the Cambium C17 Carved Saddle employs full carbon rails for significant weight savings in the neighborhood of 105 to 150 grams, depending on the saddle width. Not only does this make the Cambium C13 Carved Saddle worthy of your lightweight road steed or gravel grinder, but it's also beneficial for the improved shock absorption of carbon over its aluminum counterpart.

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