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Brooks England Femto Front Light

item #BHS000V
Price: $22.00
Sale Price: $21.22
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Brooks England Femto Front Light
Brooks England Femto Front Light description:
Copper has made a serious comeback recently, but we don't need to be telling Brooks England that. Steadfastly devoted to evoking the bygone days of cycling, Brooks created the Femto Front Light with the style we'd expect from the brand, including a classy copper-colored body. Attached to your handlebars, the light's steady and flashing modes will add enough brightness to keep you visible to other road users without ruining the clean lines of your classic frame. The Femto's cylindrical body may have classic appeal, but it houses a decidedly modern LED light and mounts to your frame securely using an included rubber band and clip that won't damage paint or polish. Once attached, the light can be quickly removed and reattached to another bike, and it easily fits in a pocket to help you avoid theft.

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