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Brooks England C15 Cambium

item #BHS000C
Price: $175.00
Sale Price: $157.50
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Brooks England C15 Cambium
Brooks England C15 Cambium description:
The Brooks C15 Cambium saddle shares the same timeless design of natural rubber and woven material that sets Brooks apart from the crowd of jet black saddles with no personality. Compared to the original Brooks C17, the C15 saddle is 10 grams lighter and 22 millimeters narrower. This makes it more suited to the fast, tight pedaling styles of cyclists who skew toward the competitive side of the spectrum. Like other Cambiums, the C15 shares the same three-layer construction that begins with a section of natural rubber. After being vulcanized, the rubber's upper face is covered with organic cotton and a firm textile layer for a durable and comfortable face. The saddle body flexes at the wings and between the rails' contact points to support your sit bones and cushion your perineum.

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