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Benchmade Sibert Bushcrafter Knife

item #BEN3318
Price: $182.75 Buy Benchmade Sibert Bushcrafter Knife
Benchmade Sibert Bushcrafter Knife
Benchmade Sibert Bushcrafter Knife description:
Use the Benchmade Sibert 162 Bushcrafter Knife to whittle and carve creative designs into sticks and branches. As opposed to regular bushcrafters, this blade is made out of S30V stainless steel for whittling wet logs that won't rust or corrode your blade. The hand-blended G10 handle has a vulcanized spacer in the middle that's held together with pressed titanium tubing for a more firm grip. Benchmade designed the handle so you can hold it comfortably in two ways: the standard position for quick and strong whittles, and closer up on the blade for a more controlled carve. Its sheath's buckskin leather has various attachment options like its belt loop, d-ring, or a hole in the bottom, so you can strap it to your waist or leg. The sheath also features a rod loop on the side for a fire starter, a snap closure, and an insert inside the sheath to protect the leather from the blade.

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