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Benchmade Arvensis Knife

item #BEN000N
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Benchmade Arvensis Knife
Benchmade Arvensis Knife description:
Designed by renowned knife designer, Shane Sibert, the Benchmade Arvensis Knife is a beautifully crafted fixed blade that's extremely tough and well balanced. The Arvensis Knife is a great all-purpose knife for hunting, fishing, and wilderness treks. It's available in two versions: a straight edge knife for smooth, controlled cuts and a hybrid edge knife for extra cutting power. The subtle clip point blade gives you masterful precision when you're dressing game in the field or preparing a campfire in the wilderness. The stainless steel material delivers corrosion-resistant longevity for years of dependable use, and the G-10 composite handle maintains a light feel for precise cuts. Also, there's an included sheath for protective storage and safe carrying.

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