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Bell Segment Jr. Helmet - Kids'

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Price: $44.95
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Bell Segment Jr. Helmet - Kids'
Bell Segment Jr. Helmet - Kids' description:
Everything from the classic silhouette to the myriad graphical options recommends Bell's skate-style Segment Jr. Helmet for groms whose exploits tend to test the ragged edge of safety. In fact, our only complaint would be that the ABS shell that gives skate-style hats their protective qualities also makes for an occasionally ill-fitting design. To address this, Bell's FormFit design connects discrete interior EPS foam segments with a reinforcing skeleton that allows the carapace to flex while still protecting its contents. Not only does this mean greater comfort, but it offers better protection by eliminating the gaps between your helmet and your head in an ill-fitting helmet. The ABS shell's eight vents represent another nod to comfort, and they help contribute to the low claimed weight of just 413g.

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