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Bell Event XC MIPS Helmet

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Price: $89.95
Sale Price: $44.97
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Bell Event XC MIPS Helmet
Bell Event XC MIPS Helmet description:
While we'd like to save every possible gram during XC events, proper head protection is a must. Bell's Event XC MIPS Helmet navigates the apparently contradictory demands of low weight and high protection by reinforcing a lightweight, road helmet design with Multi-Directional Impact System (MIPS) and an In-Mold Polycarbonate shell. The two protective elements move independently of each other, so while the shell is absorbing direct force, the MIPS layer is dissipating the rotational forces of oblique impacts that cause your brain to dangerously deform. Like the non-MIPS model, the Event with MIPS uses Bell's TAG (Twin Axis Gear) fit system so you can dial in the right fit along two different adjustment points: the diameter of the retention system and its position in the helmet. The Overbrow ventilation system helps pull cool air into the front of the helmet and push warm air out the back, keeping heads comfortable, even on hot days.

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