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Bell Star Pro Helmet

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Bell Star Pro Helmet
Bell Star Pro Helmet description:
When it comes to the final sprint, every advantage matters. The Bell Star Pro Helmet, while appearing to be just another well-vented helmet, is actually a stealth aero helmet designed to slice through the wind when every second counts. The Bell Star Pro was essentially designed as a wind tunnel. The front vents, which use Bell's Active Aero, pull air through to keep your head cool, but when needed, are switched closed to move air around the helmet. The Overbrow ventilation features a gap between the brow and the helmet, which forces air into the airflow channels that have been designed on the underside of the shell. This effectively cools your head, even when the Active Aero is engaged. To further the aerodynamics of the Star Pro, the straps feature Bell's new lay-flat Cinch system that engages the FloatFit adjustment. The helmet is constructed using Progressive Layering, which uses softer EPS foam at the inner sections and harder EPS at the outer sections. This progression allows the helmet to absorb impact from the outside while protecting your head from the inside.

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