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Bell Star Pro Helmet with Shield

item #BEL007P
Price: $279.95
Sale Price: $111.98
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Bell Star Pro Helmet with Shield
Bell Star Pro Helmet with Shield description:
If you're looking for a ridiculously aerodynamic helmet that also keeps your head cool, your search stops with the Bell Star Pro Helmet with Shield. This helmet blew away the competition in wind tunnel testing, earning the nod as one of the most aerodynamic helmets out there that isn't a pointy-hat time trial helmet. The Star Pro comes with 15 vents designed to channel cooling air around your head while you ride. Its Active Aero ventilation system also lets you block and unblock the vents at the front of the helmet to adjust how much air gets through. Opt for closed vents when you want to eke out every second in a race, and open them up for better temperature regulation on training rides. A tinted Zeiss Shield visor magnetically attaches to the helmet to round out its sleek, wind-cutting profile and protect your eyes from any bugs or debris. Bell even makes sure this helmet is comfy while it slices through the air. A new Cinch system keeps all the straps neatly in place, and the FloatFit adjustment options ensure the Star Pro Helmet with Shield stays securely and comfortably in place as you fly down the road.

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