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Beal Rando Climbing Rope - 8mm

item #BEA000Z
Price: $74.95 Buy Beal Rando Climbing Rope - 8mm
Beal Rando Climbing Rope - 8mm
Beal Rando Climbing Rope - 8mm description:
You'll be grateful you stowed Beal's Rando Climbing Rope inside your ski pack when your touring partner takes you down a couloir only to face a 15-meter vertical drop. At a mere 37 grams per meter, the Rando barely weighs down your pack, and it's more compact than your avy gear, so you can still bring that second lunch you know you'll want. Although not normally used for lead climbing falls, the Rando has the UI certifications for twin rope use, so pair it up with another twin and head up glaciers or the Grand Teton confidently.

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